Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence

20 Jun 2024
Limerick accountancy practice HDS launches new website to mark 20 years in business
13 Jun 2024
Businesses now have new guidelines to follow for determining whether a worker is an employee or self-employed for tax purposes. Revenue recently published a manual, called Guidelines for Determining Employment Status for Taxation Purposes.
10 Jun 2024
Last year saw a 60% reduction in the quantum under appeal for the Tax Appeals Commission (TAC), and the number of appeals on hand reduced by 24% on 2022. Those are two of the main findings from the TAC Annual Report for 2023, which it published in May.
15 Feb 2024
No changes to Corporation Tax announced. Minister for Finance will be publishing legislation to implement the 15% minimum effective tax rate for large companies as provided for under the OECD Pillar Two agreement.